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During our cold Canadian winters, the air inside our homes can become exceptionally dry. With a power-humidifier connected to your forced-air furnace, you can control the amount of moisture in the air for total comfort.
Furnace Factory Direct Inc. recommends the
Lifebreath model 99-flow-through. This unique electronically-pulsed flow-through humidifier reduces water consumption by up to 80 %. The electronic controller pulses the solenoid water supply valve for a period of 4 seconds ON and 30 seconds OFF.
This allows the evaporator pad to be fully saturated while drastically limiting the water wasted through the drain.
This unique approach greatly improves the unit's performance by allowing a higher average temperature on the evaporator pad, and makes the 99-Flow-through the most efficient and environmentally-friendly unit.


A note on flow-through humidifiers:

: Prior to flow-through humidifiers entering the residential HVAC market, the types of humidifiers most-commonly sold had built-in water reservoirs with a float-controlled valve. This meant that the water reservoir was always full of water. Tests have revealed that these types of reservoirs are a potential breeding ground for bacteria and mold. If that wasn't serious enough, there is an additional danger when the homeowners turn off the water fill valve at the end of winter: Any mold that has grown in the humid environment will now become airborne once it dries up. Inhaling this spores can be extremely dangerous - sometimes even fatal!
Solution: a flow-through humidifier had no water reservoir. When it is not in operation, it doesn't use any water. The problem with most of the flow-through humidifiers on the market today, is that they don't control how much water they use. This results in as much as 80% of the water being wasted (poured down the drain)! The Lifebreath 99-flow-through humidifier uses the pulsed-flow technology saving water, and thus money!This means this humidifier pays for itself in water savings - imagine that! And on top of that, it's made in Canada!

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The above picture shows an existing installation by Furnace Factory Direct, where a drum-style humidifier (with water reservoir) was replaced with a Lifebreath 99-Flow-through humidifier. The customer got a safer humidifier that uses the least amount of water required to give them the maximum comfort!